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Right now, I specialize in creating and implementing a product vision based on identified customers’ requirements. My professional experience covers a wide spectrum of competencies. I participated in projects of various types and scales related to software development, the use of internet services, and in comprehensive implementations of IT systems. I have implemented projects with a European scope. I had a multimillion-euro budget and was responsible for the success of these endeavors. Thanks to this, I know the character and the point of view of all people involved in the creating and implementation of the project. When it comes to projects, some of them already have existed and were developed, others have been created from the scratch.


For all these years, I have gained extensive management, planning, analytical and marketing knowledge and skills, as well as excellent knowledge of project management, e-commerce, CRM, ERP and BPM/RPA software. I have a good command of designing these systems and adapt them to specific needs. I know the specifics of B2B and B2C. I also have extensive experience in creating project roadmaps, estimating new systems and budgeting them, and ensuring constant progress. I can effectively identify, analyze, prioritize tasks for the team and control risks. I emphasize particularly to keep complete, up-to-date and comprehensible business requirements and risk records for all parties to the contract.


I can find a common language with anyone and build the trust of all people involved in the projects, regardless of their position and communication style. I clearly convey the vision of the product, its goals and focus the team’s attention on it. I always try to listen carefully, without presumption. I’m open to what is being communicated to me. I prefer management based on objective results, directness in relationships and I believe in respect for all involved people. In carrying out each task, I pay special attention to customer satisfaction. I like challenges, a wide range of responsibilities and performance-based work accounting.


(Selected projects)

SII: 2023

Polish Ministry of Justice

  • Sector: public administration
  • Project: National Criminal Register – system expansion
  • Role: Business Analyst, System Analyst
  • Responsibilities: Business and system analysis including defining and describing requirements, use cases, business processes, conceptual models and data models

NEXIO (for ASSECO): 2022–2023

Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA)

  • Sector: aviation industry, public administration
  • Project: PansaUTM – coordination of UAV flights and management of applications and consents for flights (desktop, mobile, tower control)
  • Role: Business Analyst / Product Owner
  • Responsibilities: Creating a product backlog; Preparation of an analysis of system integration and intersystem communication

DXC Luxoft: 2022

Credit Suisse Group AG

  • Sector: banking and finance
  • Projects: undisclosed (NDA)
  • Role: Business Analyst, Product Owner
  • Responsibilities: product development planning, backlog management, roadmap implementation, analytical and development documentation strategy

Polish Ministry of Justice

  • Sector: public administration
  • Project: central government systems, an integrated search engine for entrepreneurs for the National Court Register (KRS) and the Central Register and Information on Entrepreneurs (CEIDG)
  • Role: Consultant, Business Analyst
  • Responsibilities: developing business requirements and business logic of the solution

ŁUKASIEWICZ – Poznań Institute of Technology: 2019–2022

Polish Ministry of Development and Technology

  • Sector: public administration
  • Project: – enterprise content management system „SMC” – comprehensive information and services for entrepreneurs
  • Role: Consultant, Product Owner
  • Responsibilities: managing the development of key modules, mapping business processes

Polish Ministry of Justice

  • Sector: public administration
  • Project: central government systems, an integrated search engine for entrepreneurs for the National Court Register (KRS) and the Central Register and Information on Entrepreneurs (CEIDG)
  • Role: Consultant, Business Analyst
  • Responsibilities: developing business requirements and business logic of the solution

ITTI – software and R&D: 2019-2020

European Space Agency – European Space Operations Centre in Darmstadt

  • Sector: space industry
  • Project: End-to-End Ground Segment Reference Facility Monitoring System (EGMS) – system of comprehensive management of the testing processes of space devices and vehicles; EGMS was based on Camunda business process management system
  • Role: Product Owner
  • Responsibilities: identification and management of business requirements, business and system analysis, identification and research of potential solutions, software development management

Contra – internal project – new software product

  • Sector: manufacturing industry
  • Project: Production Management System & Warehouse Management System
  • Role: System Analyst
  • Responsibilities: developing the system architecture for work and document flow

7Technology – comprehensive IT solutions: 2016-2019

KIRA Informatik GmbH

  • Sector: food industry
  • Project: intranet mobile application integrated with ERP/MES system
  • Role: Consultant, Product Owner
  • Responsibilities: management of software development

OSI Poland Foodworks (OSI Group – US holding company)

  • Sector: food industry
  • Project: modernization of the production line
  • Role: Consultant
  • Responsibilities: gathering business requirements, system design

NEWIND – comprehensive IT solutions: 2015-2016

Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion – polish state institute

  • Sector: healthcare, public administration
  • Project: National Blood Donor Register (KRDK)
  • Role: Project Manager
  • Responsibilities: management of software development

Municipal Office in Zabrze – local government authority

  • Sector: public administration
  • Project: Risk Management & Controlling System – work and document flow system
  • Role: Project Manager
  • Responsibilities: general project management, customer relations

7Technology – comprehensive IT solutions: 2013-2015

Polski Koncern Mięsny DUDA (Gobarto S.A.)

  • Sector: food industry
  • Project: SAP NetWeaver AS, Scanvaegt MES
  • Role: Project Manager, Business Analyst
  • Responsibilities: analysis of production processes and creation of dedicated software

OSI Poland Foodworks

  • Sector: food industry
  • Project: KiRa MES & ERP and BI analytical tools
  • Role: Project Manager, Data Analyst
  • Responsibilities: management of software development and maintaining the system as a superuser

SBS – SaaS platform provider: 2008-2013

small businesses

  • Sector: e-commerce
  • Project: proprietary SaaS platform
  • Role: especially as Development Director
  • Responsibilities: the owner, that is – general management, especially products development, PR and customer relationship, but also team recruitment and leadership

LIVECHAT Software – e‑commerce platform: 2007-2008

GG Network S.A. (NASPERS – venture capital holding company)

  • Sector: internet advertising
  • Project: analyzing and reporting for investors
  • Role: Key Account Manager, Business Analyst, CRM supervisor
  • Responsibilities: market and competition research and reporting

internal project – system migration

  • Sector: CRM
  • Project: migration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Zoho CRM systems
  • Role: System and Data Analyst, Product Owner
  • Responsibilities: migrating, integrating and adapting the system and training employees

Huzar Software – software: 2007

internal project – new software for EU companies

  • Sector: IT
  • Project: Software supporting the collection and settlement of excise duty
  • Role: Business Analyst, Project Manager
  • Responsibilities: market research and software development management

Ergo Consulting – publishing & training: 2006-2007

internal project – implementation of a dedicated CRM system

  • Sector: IT
  • Project: dedicated internal CRM system
  • Role: IT department director
  • Responsibilities: supervising of sales systems, preparing sales analysis

CTI Polska – news service & e-commerce: 2003-2006

managing the press editorial office

  • Sector: online media
  • Sector: Project: daily work of the editorial office
  • Role: Deputy Editor-in-Chief
  • Responsibilities: coordinating the work of the press editorial office and managing the schedule of publications and advertisements

internal project – expansion of a internally developed eCMS system

  • Sector: online media
  • Project: type – Web, proprietary CMS system
  • Role: PHP developer
  • Responsibilities: system development and debugging


  • Wroclaw University of Economics, Faculty of Management, IT and Finance, postgraduate studies in SAP ERP – Tools and Techniques for System Development, 2015
  • Maria Curie‑Sklodowska University, Faculty of Law and Administration, Master of Laws (UMCS), 2005

Courses and certificates

  • Asseco: Modeling in UML based on the Enterprise Architect, 2020
  • INPROGRESS (AXELOS Ltd. accreditation): PRINCE2 Foundation, 2016
  • Security clearance authorizing access to classified information accredited by Polish government agency for internal security (ABW), 2016
  • Altkom: Business Process Modeling in BPMN 2.0, 2015



B2/C1. Direct contact with English-speaking clients, free written communication, extensive marketing, IT, legal and economic vocabulary.


Native. Doskonale posługuję się polszczyzną. Potrafię występować wobec szerokiej publiczności. Posiadam również doświadczenie w kontaktach z mediami branżowymi. 


(Level on a scale of * to *****)

Product Development *****

  • Production management: performance optimization, QA, process automation
  • Collecting business requirements, identifying business values,
  • User story mapping, product backlog management,
  • Implementation of the product roadmap, determining the functionality of the MVP.

Team Management *****

  • Maintaining commitment and focus on goals
  • Resolve tensions and disputes
  • Coaching of specialists

Business Analysis *****

  • Scope: system architecture, business and use cases, project risk assessment, feasibility studies, user stories, requirements analysis and management, business process mapping, improvement, modification.
  • Tools: UML, BPMN, various CASE tools (iGrafx Flowcharter, Microsoft Visio, Sparx Enterprise Architect, StarUML), various UI design tools (from sketches, wireframes and mockups to prototypes)
  • General techniques: document analysis, interface analysis, data file analysis, communication analysis, code analysis, database analysis, defining a PoC, UI prototyping

Tools I use

Business systems ***

  • BPM/RPA: Camunda, Flowable
  • ERP/MES: SAP ERP, KiRa FoodOffice
  • CRM:, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Zoho CRM, CiviCRM, SugarCRM,
  • CMS: Joomla, Drupal, WordPress.
  • Online stores: WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, Shoper.

Project management tools *****

  • Software: Microsoft Project, Jira, Trello.
  • Systems and services: Assembla, Basecamp, Trac, Redmine, Jira, GitLab.

Databases and data file processing ****

  • Relational: MySQL, SQLite, PostgeSQL, MSSQL, HyperSQL (HSQLDB), Oracle.
  • NoSQL: mongoDB, Redis.
  • File processing: Grep, Sed, AWK, Regex; formats and encodings: CSV, XML; Unicode, ISO, OEM.

Systems Administration ***

  • Operating systems: Windows, Windows Server, Linux desktop and server (especially Debian and Ubuntu)
  • Hosting: VPS, shared & dedicated servers. Virtualization: VirtualBox, VMware, Docker, MS Azure, AWS.
  • Server software: Apache2, Nginx, Node.js, Bind9, Postfix, Ejabberd, Elastic (ELC) Stack

Programming and Web development **

  • Patterns: design, architectural.
  • Shell scripts: PowerShell, BASH.
  • Programming languages and frameworks: Ruby/RoR, PHP/Laravel, Python/Django,
  • Java/Spring, SQL, JavaScript, HTML5, XML/XSD/XSL, etc.
  • Techniques and standards: CSS, AJAX, DOM.
  • Code versioning: SVN, Git.

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